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One of my greatest joys is helping and mentoring aspiring Wedding and Portrait photographers.

It's difficult to perfect your craft, know your aesthetic, and even harder to find your voice in this huge world of Wedding and Portrait Photographers... and then, to muddle all the information and creative juices together and pop out a working and successful business.

Over the last decade I have mentored many photographers of all levels and in many different capacities including:

- the Ins & Outs of running a business

- finding your successful workflow: customer service, editing, viewing, ordering, & delivery

- being powerful on Social media & having a marketing platform

- getting more clients, having them return, and bringing in the referrals

- finding your style, your 'elevator speech', and who you are as an artist

- the technical and creative basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of shooting portraiture and weddings

Please email me to inquire about how I can help you become a more successful and powerful Wedding and Portrait photographer. I look forward to seeing you shine and grow to your fullest potential.

One-on-one mentorship programs are available by subject, 'Ask Anything' by the hour, or full day mentoring experiences. Mentorship programs are offered hands-on / in-person and also online consulting via email or Skype. One-on-one experiences are tailored to you and your needs from;  Shadow-shoots which include models, client etiquette and shooting 101 TO having a 'Studio Work Day' learning to make your photography business successfully work for you and your expectations. Please follow Gloss on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about pop-up group mentorship specials. Classes are limited.

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