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Mr.+ Mrs. to Mrs.+ Mrs.

- a transitioning love story -

I had the incredible pleasure of photographing their wedding in 2011 when they were known to the universe as Tom and Amber. Fast forward 6 years later, I was there again, for a vow renewal shoot and their new commitment to one another as Natalie and Amber.

It seemed like yesterday photographing their 2011 wedding . I remember we lost a bridesmaid for a few moments, cutting their wedding cake with a sword, and the couple getting on stage to perform with their ukulele band. It was awesome!

It was a powerful moment for myself to be given the honor to be there for Natalie and Amber and photograph them as the now, Mrs. and Mrs. Their energy and love for one another is captivating. This passionately devoted journey they have started and continue is energetic and dynamic.

For as long as Natalie can recall, she never felt like she fit in. She would dream about waking up as a girl, but never thought it was possible. It wasn’t until her early 30s that she started to be able to work past her emotions and accept who she was.

Communication was and still is key to their relationship. In the beginning of the transition, it wasn’t easy mentally and emotionally as they entered into a lesbian relationship and Amber’s spouse entered the world as Natalie full time. They took it all day by day; moment by moment.

“There wasn't a question of whether we still loved each other at any point. It was whether our expectations for life could grow in the same direction. And they did.” says Natalie. And thats why in July 2016 Natalie proposed to Amber again. “It seemed fair for Amber to really get to make a choice, once we had kind of come out the other side.”

One thing that is very important to Amber is knowing that Natalie can be herself, that she has become who she truly is. When they went for Natalie to try on wedding gowns, and Amber saw how much Natalie beamed with joy, she wanted her to have the same experience she had as a bride. At the same time, she didn't want to perpetuate the hetero-normative idea that you have to have a bride and a groom - it just kind of happened that way, and Natalie was given her moment to shine in her wedding gown. Their renewal was exactly how it was meant to be. Full of beauty and love.

“We're growing and figuring out who we are as a couple and how we exist in the world together, and it's a beautiful journey.”

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